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Monday, April 28

Sunday, April 20


XXL,stone,chief,papa bear,my love


XXM,kate,kiki,mama bear


ellery renée
i.e. XXS, jellybean, ellers, elles-a-belle

3 1/2. best complimenter around. smarty pants. blonde bombshell. hilarious. curious. gentle. easily excited. whiner. soft spoken. singer. great eater. goofy. helper, especially cleaning. empathetic. bookworm. dancer. baby blues. sleeper once she gets her mushroom light. quick to apologize. recently a cuddler. wants to be a pilot. best big sister.


cossette kelly
i.e. XXXS, coco, cocobean, coke, cocomo, cocorico, a-sette, etty, cocossette

nearly 2 years old. high maintenance. happy. our dark beauty. sweetheart. giggler. eater. amazing snuggler. fast. singer. gleeful. easy audience. photogenic. hat wearer. nuts. green eyed. chatterbox once she's comfortable. incredible sleeper. unpredictable. best little sister.


here you'll find an austin & a kathryn. they kinda like each other. they've been together for a handful of years & have lived in utah, china, idaho, europe, nor cal, virginia (right out of DC) & are now settled into their first little house in colorado springs! the chief works as a systems engineer & just graduated from stanford university. kathryn works as a wannabe photographer & wrangles an ellery (2009) & a cossette (2010). they kinda like them too.