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Friday, March 25

leaving on a jet plane

really don't know when i'll be back again

Thursday, March 17

hotel living (ca)

last apartment days. please excuse the quality on some of these pictures... iPhone & all.

extended stay hotel living has been quite nice. we've had some colds which is never awesome but i think we're at the tail end now & with no deep cleaning & half the cooking, etc we've had a lot of play time! yay!

one more week in cali then across the country we go!

Wednesday, March 16

water & rocks

so this is probably a crude thing to write about but water & rocks have become quite common words over at our house.

i am stupid & embarrassed & find certain potty language inappropriate which leaves miss ellery to coin her own terms for things that her vague mother won't discuss.

so in lieu of #1 & #2  it's "water" & "rocks".

will this completely mess her up when she asks more about the giant rock boulders out front that she loves to sit on? whose rocks are those?!

i will say it makes me laugh when she comes barreling into the room: "i potty! rrrrrrocks!"

Thursday, March 10

a post

just because i haven't been blogging, you still cannot do this:

you see, i was busy doing a lot of this:

& this:

while living here:

& chasing this: 

(yes cocobean is army crawling everywhere!! wha?!)

& working on this:
(e is potty trained!! not mastered but pretty stinkin trained!)

while preparing for this:

& doing a ton of this:

so that we have one of these:

so even though i have a new one of these:

i haven't had a lot of time for this:

so please have this:

*all pics via google images. wouldn't want mr. bale coming after me...