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Monday, January 26

ode to the aunts

so my little sister stephanie left after xmas break on the 10th of january. then the hills were extremely rude & had a baby on the 12th. good thing the 12th was stephanie's prediction otherwise we think she really would have been ticked. anyway she came in this weekend to meet ellery & we had all sorts of firsts for our little pixie. first bball game (wildcats won & michael michael dominated), first trip to the mall (of course with her mall rat aunt steph), first time @ church (she wore the same dress i wore my first sunday). such a fun weekend playing with aunt kara who provided literally every baby item we have (thank you!!) & fights hard to hold my baby, her adorable girls & the whole fam! then ellery's surrogate aunt jackie brought over the most gorgeous designer diaper bag of all time! i believe what i said when i saw it was something along the lines of "i want to be buried with this bag!" then sunday night we got to skype with austin's family again & aunt kelli made my night when ellery got the hiccups & kelli got all excited, "she's just like her aunt! i hiccup too!" it was too cute! long story short, thank goodness for wonderful aunts!

Friday, January 23

blog virgins!

so today is the day! 1.23! this is by far my favorite day of the entire year! i seriously LOVE it. besides my passionate affair with the number 23, it is a exactly a week before my birthday (sometimes i try & claim it as my actual bday), it's the middle of perfect snuggle/fireplace weather, it's the day austin & i had our first kiss, & it was actually ellery's due date! this day has always served me well so why not tack on another monumental memory- the start of our blog! hehe. i have the feeling this blog will be used as the main vehicle to get pics to austin's baby obsessed familia & document the random things in our lives that are probably not too blog-worthy. :) here's to happy blogging!