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Tuesday, March 27

air force academy

we literally live 3 minutes from the north gate of the academy. & can see the stadium & the campus from our porch.

so on a sunny saturday we decided to check it out.
besides a gigantic jet on the roadside & watching a few hunky cadets on their afternoon runs, the cadet chapel was the main reason we went & it did not disappoint. totally funky & peculiar.
pretty incredible.

below the main protestant chapel is this sign:

we may or may not have made some non PC jokes about which groups the protestants consider "below" them. but then they must be better off than those not even mentioned. *cough cough*

these 3 distinct places of worship were just gorgeous.

very unique & hallowed.
& now i know what i'm looking at when i see the spiky building in the distance. :)

Friday, March 23

garden of the gods

 back in march... what, it's still march?? oh dear. okay so a couple weeks ago when the 'rents were in town we drove the 20 minutes to our national park, the garden of the gods.
 these huge red rock & sandstone formations dot the landscape & it's really pretty incredible.
 & to think they've been hanging out for millions upon millions of years.
walking forward into the park,
 while ellers & i walked backward into the park.
it was a sunny day as usual here yet it was beyond frigid.
i was such an idiot to go coat-less. what, i think i'm hard core? cause i am not. at all. the hard core ones were biking, hiking, & climbing around in tank tops. bunch of crazies.
does anyone else have fearless kids that roam what you're sure is snake infested territory while ignoring your pleas to stay closer?
 & then have little sibs that want to follow suit?
my mama├žita caught this shot & we were totally giddy about the sunburst. you've got to always appreciate a good sunburst.
this was from my phone. dying.
due to the cold & our schedules, we just drove the main loop around a section of the park. but this area totally reminds me of a seuss world; the formations were almost cartoony.
 my cute parental units.
 & this gorgeous rock as you leave the park.

we will definitely be frequenting garden of the gods... but let's wait for some heat.

Saturday, March 17

revolving door

we always seem to have a revolving door on our guest bedroom. & that dates back to before we had an actual guest room... i luuurve it!

the day after we slept in the house for the first time my little sister stephanie & austin's little brother logan came from provo to visit us!!

the day after bopi & bobby left... my mama & daddy came!!

the day after the 'rents left... some of my college girlies (ambre, jana, sophie, avree, olivia, kathleen & husband eric) came to play!! we missed you stacey & leah & jordan!

& now our guest room has a sad, eerie silence... so who's next people??

Monday, March 5

being a hater

i hate grad school. okay so maybe i am not actually in grad school. but austin is. & i am a hater.

we seem to be closer to the end here & he's been busting his hump.
trying to move into our first house, juggle a full time job, have a social/family life, enjoy our dozens of visitors, be one of the only ones in the class that is not present & not immediately following the pre-reqs can be very very challenging & discouraging. :( & stressful. plus finals suck.

boo. hopefully the next class isn't such a beast.

Thursday, March 1

chief's angels

when austin's in a good mood he thinks his girls look like charlie's angels with our 3 different hair colors...

but he has always thought red heads were iffy. to be honest i think he used the word "crusty". haha

to say the least this has not changed his mind. but it's fun & different so he can deal for a bit. :)