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Thursday, April 30

anything for a laugh

jellybean LOVES her papa bear.

Monday, April 27

my kind of pet

meet mr. oscar squirrely. clearly austin named him. he is our new pet & we love him. he is a rather obese little guy who hangs out ALL day EVERY day on the tree outside our house. ellery loves to sit on the patio & watch him. they are friends. sometimes i get nervous because he is literally perched a foot away from the railing. as i'm writing this i'm watching him scurry all over the tree. man, he has got some haunches!! maybe he is a she... haha!
it was a lax weekend of octupuses garden cake, being awed by a random bubble in the milk's handle, hitting a bucket of balls @ the driving range next door, oriental night, helping david & kara move, & laughing @ the gigantic flower i love pinning to my baby's head.

seriously though, that is cute. :)

Saturday, April 25

whole life ike

in need of a smog check, i dropped ike off & took a walk next door to ace to do a quick errand. we've been through a lot together. i love ike. i came back to pick up the car & asked the lady how he did.
"whole life long."
huh... let's try again.
"how'd he do?"
"for whole life long."
"oh! so good?!"
"yes, yes, car last whole life long!"
yay! way to go ike! he's my boy! my whole life ike!

Thursday, April 23

a stupendous starfish & a proud pelican

ellery's gma & namesake came to visit this last weekend. she's literally one of the sweetest women i've ever met & love to have her come. we had a chill couple of days just hanging out & the jellybean had her first trip to the beach (check out the outfit, i was OBSESSED! thanks mom's crazy cousin cindy), she has re-discovered her thumb with full vigor practically choking down the whole palm on her hand, & she has learned how to kick the toys on her bouncy seat & gets super ticked if you try & reposition her. haha! the downside? austin was sick for a total of like 17 hours, ellery's was maybe 3 days long, & i'm still coughing up nasties & popping my infected ears. ugh. i tend to hang on to it when i catch a bug. austonia calls it his 'superior genes' & was excited to think he passed that on to his offspring. once again... ugh!

Thursday, April 16

lexy's lullaby

easter weekend was fun. egg hunting, cake baking, bonneting, birthday partying, bare-legged michael michaeling fun. see above. mamasita whipped up adorable little easter dresses for all her grandkids. amazing detail. considering she has the best DIL and daughter of all time, we got pictures taken of the three of them as a thank you.

during david's birthday bash, austin took a video of our niece lexy singing rock-a-bye baby to ellery. i wish we could lighten it & drown out the background noise of clamoring hodgpeople but being a sneaky videographer has its drawbacks. you can see at the end when she sees austin in the doorway & stops her little serenade. SO STINKING CUTE! the best part is when she calls her 'baby erelly'. she's called her that since day one. ellery is a lot to ask of a 3 year old! & baby always preceeds it. :)

but after the festivities i had one sad, sick baby yesterday. her eyes were all red rimmed & watery & poor little thing had a fever. she's never been sick before! uh-uh. not cool. my sweet jellybean just wants to be held today & she is totally calling the shots. how do ppl handle sick babies?! i feel helpless! i hope she gets better soon because tomorrow afternoon her grandma renee comes to cali to play with us! any ideas for bringing my happy, easy baby back?!

Saturday, April 11

Monday, April 6

by numbers

0 times ellery rolled over, she's not even close. haha!
1 grotty merotty, sweat-stained hat that aust looked hot in
2 awards michael michael got @ the end of bball season: best defensive player & MVP. who gets both?!
3 cases of squirt i bought for chief. ruby red is impossible to locate in cali! only i can take on the impossible.
4 hours spent @ the dmv
5 sob sessions during marley & me. made me miss abby.
6 stitches lena is recovering from
7 times i thought about washing ike
8 new yellow & green glass dessert plates from crate & barrel!
9 tons of junk food i should NOT have sucked down
10 naps i didn't think the bebe needed. such a sleeper, this girl!

Wednesday, April 1

no top gun?!

rather eventful couple days of playing airplane with the jellybean, parent-swapping on roller coasters, michael laughing @ my crying baby yet again, gramvi & gpa making monster cookies with lexy lu & the monster mash, bbsitting, oovooing with g&g hill, earthquakes, ER visits for lena kate (what a trooper!), you name it! just looked @ the date... happy april foolsing people!