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Saturday, September 4

the insight of a collage

austin works with the boy scouts & is the leader for the webelos.
one wednesday they did a collage activity. assignment: tell a little bit about yourself.

austin was so proud of his! yes, he apparently joins right in with these 9 year olds.
he was anxious to show me what a great job he did.

"mine was the best one sweets. like, by a long shot."

oh brother.

he wanted my undivided attention. literally. like he made me wait until the kids were in bed for the big reveal. haha.

he handed it over to me with big, hopeful eyes asking if i could say why each picture was chosen. 
okay austin, i'll humor you:

* you're obsessed with having a clean car
* you love the late show
* you share your house with 3 girls
* "i like money. i have a little. i hope to have more someday"
* cougar fan
* you're in grad school & should study more
* your iPhone is maybe your bff

i put it right up on the fridge for him.

but a week or 2 later & it keeps bugging me.
everytime i walk past it, this stares back at me:

i mean, look at the terror in that kid's eyes.
the girls are playful & squealing.
he is truly horrified.