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Sunday, February 12


monday: *final walk through @ cedarville way
               *closing at the title company
               *back to the house to celebrate, seal the grout, etc.
               *return to sleep at the hotel
tuesday: *moving van comes
              *unloading all our stuff that's been in storage
              *configuring each piece of furniture in each room, where oh where?
              *car delivered to our house for our friends that are moving to littleton but are still en route
              *appliance guys from sears deliver & install a few gems
              *comcast install- we are so desperate for good internet again
              *gigantic, expensive, ridiculous costco run
              *return to sleep at the hotel
              *oh yeah, happy valentine's day
wednesday: *moving company returns to unpack our boxes
                    *put everything away in the entire house. phew~
                    *garage door opener install
                    *huge king sooper's grocery store delivery
                    *drop the beans at a friend's to play
                    *austin takes a crizzy hard mid term & hopefully doesn't have a mental breakdown
                    *sleep at our new house!! yayuh!
thursday: *hang pictures
               *continue to find a place for everything
               *clean, take all our new appliances for a spin
friday: *try & get the beans back on routine
           *pick up stephanie & logan from the colorado springs airport!
           *drive up to denver with steph for a workshop held by our cousin
saturday: *play with our younger sibs!
               *chores & shopping
               *e goes to a birthday party
sunday: *church
             *i take a nap at all costs. as long as i want. nothing & no one will stand in my way.

should be a fun week :)

Friday, February 10


i love a good nickname but thought it was a phase when jellybean adopted her own for everyone in the family. 
austin is almost solely daddy-boy. but beware because mom is not a mommy-girl. she is in fact a...
mama bear. but dad is not a bear. ever. he is just a boy. :)
cocobean, coke (ya know, cossette kelly. this is straight from my caffeine loathing father. haha), cocorico (the sound that the french think roosters say. they are obviously wrong.) & since learning last names ellery gestures in slow motion with her entire arm, all fingers clasped together & says "i am ellery hill. this is my sister, cossette hill." very regal & formal. kills me.
these favorites have been in circulation for over a year & now that cossette is starting to use them... they may just be here for good.

Thursday, February 9

hotel living (co)

colorado so far? well we may have just found the perfect place for us. okay perfect is probably too strong a word. this place has got some sneaky cold wind. :)

so having never been to colorado springs or lived in the state, we have been surprisingly busy with such fun cousins, their awesome kids, a visiting aunt & uncle, old friends out house hunting, new friends, church friends, & a great new pediatrician. not to mention the huge snow storm, date night for my bday, the home/garden show, experiencing the movie tavern, a superbowl party, tons of swimming at the hotel, play dates, figuring out where the chief's vehicle was ("i know his car is the same size but this is not a lost bag, my friend..."), game night with new buddies, eating out, playing around with the hotel staff, cossette going to nursery for the first time, checking out the new area, appliance shopping, loads of homework, packages from awesome grandmas!, inspections, appraisals, insurance quotes, & all sorts of chores for the upcoming home purchase.

this week is much slower than the previous few. so there is a bit of dipping our feet in the pool, playing candyland, building saweet forts, reading, movie night with a cute family we've met, pining after all the housewares i now want immediately in my possession but know i can't get... but mainly itching for monday, the day of closing!

for the foreseeable future this is our final stint in extended stay hotels. & packing. & moving! & that is enough to make me smile all day long.

Thursday, February 2

18 months

our beautiful cossette kelly is one & a half.
 she is our snuggler & so tender hearted.
 she can keep up with the best of them.
when she grins like this (which is more frequent than you can imagine) she crinkles her nose & blows puffs of air out. priceless.
 she is such a sweetheart & does things all the time to make the people in her little family happy.

she is feisty & horrible at coming when i tell her to. & sometimes she just shrieks at the top of her lungs. this is new to us. anyone else have a screamer?
our smart girl is still not super verbal but makes progress everyday. leaps & bounds better than 3 months ago.
 if you zoom in on this shot you can see how unbelievable her green eyes can be.
she has a hilariously funny little personality & is a sunshine in our lives.

just like ellery at this age, i am constantly told how much she reminds people of boo from monsters inc. haha the time of day was not ideal for picture taking & i think ellery's probably turned out better but i'm slowly improving. :)
love you cocobean!