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Monday, September 28


how fabulous is this?! it's the greatest kid's book of all time. no storyline. just whimsical illustrations & loopy, nonsensical words. actually most of the pages are filled with requests for food from kids with funky, rhyming names. "pass the pasta, jocasta" awesome. my mom found it online while looking for celery ideas.

celery ideas, you ask?

uncle david dubbed my fetus 'celery' almost a year ago.

we were planning on having our ellery be a celery for halloween this year but were discouraged by our options. you can't find it anywhere & how hard would it be to make it? let alone, well enough that people know she's a stock of celery!

so no celery. maybe next year. but at least we have this sweet book!

Saturday, September 26

broccoli shmoccoli

ellery has been stuffed up & therefore all cuddly. i can honestly say the last time she slept on me like this, she was less than a week old... heaven.

we've been running hard & having fun. i love that ellery sleeps with her blankets all gathered on her face. but her latest fave is broccoli. she sucks the juices all out of the treetop then throws the whole trunk in. & she's fast! i can hardly keep up. & she definitely eats more green than her papa bear.
ellery learned how to dunk on the hoop at gramvi's. proud moment. i go to the park literally 2-3 times a week but ellery has just barely discovered the sand. she loves standing anywhere & everywhere. & loves ripping up a magazine. it could entertain her for hours. but what she really loves is her stroller. all hail the BOB!

doesn't it look like she's a toddler whose trying to get a laugh? or maybe she's making fun of her mom for the ridiculous flower on her head?

i love this old rocking chair. i just wish my baby was a little more intimidated when rocking like a mad man. fearless this one is.
& thanks for help on my last post. VERY helpful tips! i'm getting all excited now!

Friday, September 25

any suggestions?

i need some help.

i'm a bit of a picture hound. i also tend to have a bit of organizational paranoia.

i have scrapbooks from when i was growing up that my mom did that are over the top, creative masterpieces. up til a year or two past highschool grad, i'm caught up. so i've decided i'll finish my single years in old fashioned, pretty paper scrapbooks.

then i'll go digital. there is so much you can do with these digital photobooks. i'll do a book a year starting with 2006 for austin and me or rather the hill family.

but then there's the issue of offspring.

i want my kiddles to have some kind of version of what i had that they can have with them, look through, browse, pine for their mommy, etc in what i like to call hard copy. i understand that cataloging ellery's 1,000's of pictures is overly ambitious. so i just want the cream of the crop. organized in a photobook.

but one a year? one every other year? is 18 little photobooks too much? will 9 not cover everything? what about the fact that eventually we will have more than a family of 3?
now it's 2 books a year but then what? 4... 5?

& i'm a freak so every page has to be polished and immaculate. not to mention loving/photoshoping every pic. so what company is best? shutterfly? blurb? snapfish?

help me!

Tuesday, September 22

all smiles

ellery's been working on pulling herself up to standing. getting to the remote control is her main motivation.

she has the roundest, bluest eyes. i love them!
& these uggs were supposed to fit her as a newborn. considering it's still upper 80's, i put these on her for my morning jont.

Tuesday, September 15


haha, you wish.

ellery loved the new swing at gramvi's!

especially when i was the one pushing:

but then it was daddy's turn...

Saturday, September 12


warmest my parent's pool has been in a long time. some even debated it so too hot. there is no such thing my friends. sublime!

family filled labor day weekend of being flung around the pool, getting crushed at horse with michael, & elly surviving the most tumultuous bath thus far in her young life. :)

i kinda feel like it's our last hurrah of summer lovin'. it's starting to cool down & i CANNOT wait for autumn. but until then, we're scurrying around trying to catch the last warm days of the year. gardening with my ever elusive black thumb, rooting & beaming with pride for our cougs, swimming, jogging/walking around the neighborhood, listening to zz top tribute bands at the park with their neon, glow-in-the-dark guitars, baking, reading out on the patio, scouting out the food vendors festival in oakland, watching ellery scoot/roll/shimmy all over the house... all backwards bytheby, cub scouting, bbsitting the nieces, & trekking out to the movies (totally laughed out loud at all about steve).

Thursday, September 3

the bigger the figure, the more i can love

we fell in obsession with this song & thought it was fitting cued up to this video...

these lyrics are priceless! austin's been singing them all week.

we actually do promote a very healthy body image around here. promise. :)

she's so happy to be the target of our jokes.

& what a cute, willing target she is!