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Friday, January 29


denial is a funny thing.

it kind of ebbs and flows. & right now, my friend, it flows. i am in denial. hard-core, ignoring reality, keep my blinders on, avoid the truth, being snippy, moments sprinkled with butterflies & concern kind of denial.

wish me luck & i'll let you know when it gets better.

Saturday, January 23

post one hundred and one

last year on january 23rd i started a blog.

today is post number 101.

in a year.

impressive, huh?!

not always poignant, riveting posts (some are boring, like this one) & i make no promises to be at 202 by this time next year but it's been a ride.

& it is still the best day of the year. always & forever.
random sidenote: i've been checking out cakewrecks more than usual lately. always promises a good laugh.

Thursday, January 14

happy 1st jellybean

our baby is ONE!!! :) :( i cannot decide which one to use...
i got a text from a friend that day saying happy 1st mommy anniversary. love that!

family, homemade chili & cornbread, festive ellery bellery m&ms, balloons (that she likes WAY more once they were out of the car), her mama's first tiered/fondant cake attempt, jellybeans galore, piggy tails & presents. what more could a girl ask for!

check out the purple jellybean she snuck & her fun-sized yellow jellybean cake.
satisfied... love the teeth here.

you are sure loved kid.

Friday, January 8

home sweet home

after a month of being MIA, it's nice being back.
well... bittersweet.
i know i can never go into part-time mommy mode again & kind of forgot how to cook & clean & we miss the hills.
but home is still home.

Tuesday, January 5

one & only 'blood' aunt

while in idaho late one friday night there was a knock at the door at my in-laws.
"kat, it's for you"
-pause- i don't know a soul in this whole state that would ask for me at the door.
but the state over is a different story entirely.
my lil sister made the journey through ice, snow, 5 hours of driving, & no car to get to me.
i missed christmas at the hodgmans and she was desperate for my face.
okay okay and ellery bellery's. apparently not stone's.
what a perfect surprise for me!
i was ecstatic!!!
see, we are very different but i love my bopi.
a lot.

Sunday, January 3

happy 2010

i'm never super obsessed with resolutions but i do like the concept of picking things to work on. & usually do pretty good with mine. each year i try & pick 1 intellectual goal, 1 physical, 1 spiritual, & since being married 1 relationship.

like every year previous i laid it all out for the husby & told him my 4 goals for 2010 & asked if he'd thought about making some resolutions. he never ever has. to understand fully, austin thinks he's pretty darn-near flawless. if you've ever seen chuck, it's why my fam has been known to call him captain awesome.

yet this year he surprised me saying he had one!
i was all excited & proud & asked him what it was...

deadly serious: "maintain. maintain all my awesomeness."
baby steps people. baby steps.