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Friday, December 9

¡5 years today!

i do not like to gush too much. we are the best of friends & both glad it's our 5 year anniversary & that should be enough. but really if it's only every 5 years i can surely say...
how he is exceptional in the ways i need.

he makes my sides hurt from laughing almost every single day.
(maybe that's more a testament to me needing to do more sit ups than austin's hilarity...)

he works harder than you can possibly imagine.

he can drive me insane but another woman would lynch him so we're a pretty great fit.

he thinks i'm more awesome than i am & loves me

& oh how i love him.

i used hawaii pics so you can have a glimpse. still getting the blogger picture thing sorted...

Thursday, December 1


so i can't blog. like i cannot blog. apparently i have reached my image quota for blogger?? first time i've heard there was such a thing. am i alone here?

therefore i am at a crossroads. i am disinterested in paying for more picture storage.
do i make these ramblings into a little blurb book & then wipe out the last few years of posts to make room? i've thought about making my blog private to literally everyone & just using it as my own reference but i'm outta room either way. feeling kind of cornered. haha such concerns i have...

what to do?