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Friday, February 11

back east

what is with the expression "back east"? i've never lived on the east coast. austin has never lived on the east coast.

you don't say "back west". hmm... you do say "out west" though. then again that sounds a little cowboy frontier-ish, exploring the unknown prairie. but he's from the western states. i'm from the west coast. shouldn't we be going "out east" & therefore visit "back west"?

i don't know. is it because of the colonies? so we're going "back east" to where the united states started? where we all essentially came from? sure, i'll buy that. you might not, but i will. :)

oh. point being: we're taking a rotation with lockheed & moving "back east" to springfield, va just out of dc!!! we've been talking about trying out this part of the country since we were engaged.

there are so many things on my bucket list to do! we are ECSTATIC!

Saturday, February 5


i might wearily suggest that the insano days (& nights) cossette was wailing me with are behind us.
she's eating so much better & it makes for a happier life.

can't you tell she's eating better? :]

such the happy baby!

 we maybe spent 12 minutes taking these. 

 such a good sport when g'pa & mama balance her on a rickety cart in the yard.

she's awesome. haha!

then, just for fun:

 i may not be pink's #1 fan but i must have a frilly bone somewhere in me.

'let me prove how photogenic i am & gracefully place my hand on my chin as i bask in a sunlit glow'

 i think promising the husby i'd stop hounding him for pictures just means the girlies get down right attacked.
oh well. i'll keep at it while they're too young to complain.

Tuesday, February 1

2 years

e's been here for 2 years.

sometimes she won't cooperate,

but usually she will.

 she kept telling g'pa stories & jumping up & down & using the rock as a slide & just kept. on. looking. down.

 then again she looked so cute in her yellow dress

she kind of gets away with it.