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Thursday, February 26

crossing the border

good old vickster & i took on quite the projecto this past week: reupholster my dining room chairs. they represent some of my only decent furniture but they were light tan linen & they are not what one would call 'child-proof'. solution: recover them in funky colors of vinyl. very me. very child-proof. we're doing 2 in mustard yellow, 2 in bright blue, & 2 in artichoke green with top stitching in whatever makes the boldest contrast of the 3. since i have too many ideas floating in my head but not a single talented bone in my body, my mom took on the labor intensive task of sewing & chalking up the pattern, while i copied & cut. thanks mama.
okay okay but i'm getting ahead of myself because where we tracked down colorful pleather is the best part.
i've ventured to this place before, so let me be your tour guide... you drive about 20 minutes from your house to this run down looking strip mall. the biggest store there has giant, chipped lettering across the front which reads FABRICS R US. can you say intellectual property rights?there is a plethora of various bolts of fabrics strewn all over & propped up against the walls. there are no windows. there are women bustling in & out & you can swear you just heard someone yelling about price per yardage, but it wasn't clear. you get out of your vehicle, very glad that you are with someone who's a virtuoso at this. before heading in you spot thick fleece jesus fabric with a halo & the whole nine yards (if you'll excuse the pun) & wonder "where AM i?". oh but it gets better. the whole store is stuffed full of fabrics, beading, thread, lace, elastic, zippers, you name it. but there is no method to the madness. it's a complete & utter mess. there are spry, quick-tongued chinese women darting around getting in people's faces & asking what they want. you feel like you are in a chinese speaking mexican market with all the bartering & noise. there are dozens of persian ladies comparing whole scrolls & being very excited about something. you guess it's the price. then you try & look at a price tag. price tag?! what, are you kidding?! you think you've found what you want after zig-zagging in & out of narrow walkways draped in textiles. an extremely pushy lady walks up, inches from your face, "you want? you want how much?" you throw a wide-eyed glance @ your mom. you both have just stopped laughing at this insanity.
"um 2 yards?"
"oh no, you no want 2. 3. i give 3 you."
"okay. 3."
she whips out giant shears and cuts your choice, right there. it drops to the floor while she sticks the scissors back in her pocket. she lunges down & haphazardly folds the cloth into a travel sized ball & practically hurls it at you. she jots 3 X 7 on a scrap piece of paper and shoves it in your hand before flitting away. you make your way to the cash register & see the sign that says '4% down if cash'. you grin & pay cash. what? 4% is 4%! they are pretty friendly ladies, just apparently in a bit of a stressful environment. "come 'gain! come 'gain!" as your walking out you see a truly overwhelmed, bambi of a girl who has just had her selection ripped from her hands. they are fanning it out & telling her why her thread choice was a poor one. total chaos but you gotta love it! you can't wait to come 'gain!

Monday, February 23

the glorious perks of not being knocked up

austin spent the majority of this last week in utah, recruiting for his job @ byu. i spent that time hanging out with the hodgpeople & going out to eat. thursdy night we went out for sushi. oh. my. gosh. it was to die for! we all shared a huge sashimi boat & tried to force michael to use chopsticks. i happen to be an expert after austin & i went to china a couple summers ago.

friday night we went to this cute little wine & cheese tasting place in downtown menlo park. this guy my dad knows owns the place so we were excited to go check it out. we ordered a cheese 'flight' of all these different soft cheeses from spain. it was so fun & wowza!

now you have to understand the background here to fully appreciate my exuberance. you're not supposed to have raw fish or soft cheeses while pregnant. so not cool. then i went to europe of all places while i was expecting. soft cheese capital of the world & i wasn't supposed to touch it! okay, okay i ended up breaking down... but only once so i was crazy enthused to just go to town. ellery was happy for me.

p.s. happy birthday elder logan bob. we love you!

Friday, February 20

that's allstate's stand

austin's pops came into town to go to the pebble beach pro-am golf tourney on valentine's weekend. so fun! all these celebrities running around & tons of golf & surprisingly pretty great weather. we strapped ellery up to austin & she just chilled. such an awesome baby! i did have to take a short sabbatacle to feed her when the coolest thing happened: that big black guy with the insanely deep voice from the unit & the allstate commercials walked by. (we did look up his name later, dennis haysbert for those more culturally inclined.) and he slipped out this little number, "that's one beautiful baby." ahh! i just wanted to record it & play it over & over. then i thought of the perfect cheesey response "& she's in good hands" :) i love it! plus my valentine got me fun, happy flowers that i totally love & ellery wore a heart hat to celebrate cupid's day. cute thing, no?

Thursday, February 12

abe-y baby

my abe-y:

we had a party for you tonight & talked about how much you rock my world. no one understands us. who cares, we don't need 'em. i can't believe you're 200 today! you old softy! i'll always love ya!

kisses, kathryn*

Wednesday, February 11

snowflakes that stay on my nose & eyelashes

we went to idaho falls this weekend to play with austin's family & show off the lil babe. i was a bit nervous about flying with my 3 week old but she did so well! the best part of the whole weekend is always renee's food. there is always homemade candy sitting out & the meals are awesome! wowza! i'm shocked i don't come back packing the l-b's. the whole time we sat on the couch & they took turns holding ellery & cooing & cuddling her while the rest of the entire household looked over their shoulder with ooh & ahhs waiting for their turn. derek & kelli drove up from provo saturday night & left sunday just to spend a little time with ellery. austin's parents bought her the cutest cable knit bunting outfit to brave the cold & a playyard with all the bells & whistles for her to sleep in & be changed in. we didn't play one game. we didn't watch one movie. practically no one left the house for fear of missing one moment. haha! they are hands down the most baby obsessed people i have ever met & it was just too fun! grandma renee kept saying that ellery was going to lose all her hair because it was being rubbed to death. :) she is one tough cookie; she's not gonna need a big brother to protect her. independent woman! we did miss logan (austin's bro that is serving a mission in england right now) so we set aside a little 'logan time' for ellery so he knew we never stop thinking about him. @ one point it was sunny & crazy warm so stone & i put her in this adorable white & red poncho & took ellery outside for her first glimpse of snow! i miss the snow! i miss having all 4 seasons! we were outside for a total of like 6 minutes before we got ushered inside. it was someone's time slot with the baby...

Monday, February 2

a very very unbirthday to me

i turned the big 2-3 this weekend! yayuh! i have been waiting for this birthday for as long as i can remember- this year is gonna rock! but alas with every passing year comes the expected reminder of a ditsy 13 year old moment that i will never live down. for the block of a couple months i was randomly convinced that my birthday fell on the 31st of january. my mom & i debated & bickered throughout the weeks until she finally got out my birth certificate. i was indeed born on the 30th of january. ouch. now, countless laughs & mockings later, i do in fact know when my birthday is! aren't you proud?
so it was a fun weekend of bocce ball, superbowl sunday, & my little niece & namesake lena kate turning 1! austin installed an ipod adapter in ike (my accord, i love him) back before xmas but since i'm so oblivious i didn't even notice it. haha. & my parents got me the most gorgeous abraham lincoln nutcracker. most of you know i have a slight infatuation with honest abe. i felt like clara from the story of the nutcracker, i just wanted to dance around with my new toy! i'm clearly a very mature 23 year old...