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Sunday, March 28

spring break baby!

we've been running around having too much fun lately. it's probably austin's break in school. it's gone to our heads & we're drunk with the freedom.

there've been ncaa games (that gave me the happiest husby alive), great america amusement park with michael & friends, austin's cub scouts banquet, beach trips with sand vball & ellery reading to us, hil & bopi visiting, sharks games, 3D movies with the fam, my youth conference, & our sweet nephew luke's baby blessing. all in like a week & some change.

so why is miss e helping her daddy polish his car one of my favorite moments?

Wednesday, March 24

one & a half

i think 1 1/2 is always a good thing. 1 1/2 breakfasts, 1 1/2 your hourly, or 1 1/2 kids for that matter. :)

but i'm talking about 1 1/2 speed.

we have our desktop computer hooked up & using the tv as a monitor. it makes it totally seamless to access hulu, netflix insta play, & our library of saved movies with our remote & then we can watch by big screen. we also record shows using media center (basically free tivo).

okay that's all fine & good but we have a magical, wonderful button on said computer that is hard to come by.

1 1/2 speed! it speeds up the audio & video in perfect sinc (& without chipmunk voices) & helps us blast through sitcoms, documentaries, & even austin's videoed grad classes. who can watch, absorb, & ace a graduate level course without ever leaving the family room with a toddler playing, a wife reading her books & interrupting, AND do it in 1 1/2 speed? that'd be my aust. i think it's a little ridiculous for that but it is my perfection for all other television viewing experiences. & i cannot go back to regular speed.

bytheby the olympic games were insane sped up.

& if you're judging me for devising a plan on how to get more tv into my life then judge away. i'm convinced it decreases actual time spent on the couch... but probably not.

this got me thinking on monday about 1 1/2. monday is cleaning day. our house goes to crap because i just don't pick up over the weekend & austin's a disaster zone, not to mention ellery's into everything. but i was having delusions of grandeur imagining that i could speed myself up & go out & play! you know, like in bewitched when samantha's mother-in-law unexpectedly stops by & she whips herself into high gear so that by the time she's ringing the doorbell the house in spotless.

then i decided i just needed a remote to hit 1 1/2 speed for my cleaning, laundry, & work out sessions.

i know what you're thinking: did i learn nothing from that movie click?

maybe i missed the moral because i was watching it in 1 1/2 speed.

Thursday, March 18

luck o the irish

we're having a wee cailin!!!

wee cailin = the word for little lass in gaelic

she was healthy, hearty, & happy (& hiccuppy)

we are THRILLED!

now the naming drama begins...

*happy st patrick's day*

Thursday, March 11

lake tahoe

okay, not our picture but it seriously was a beautiful drive up to lake tahoe last weekend.
our babies in the backseat. mine safely strapped into a carseat & his safely strapped into a snowboard bag. if it was up to him we'd never leave the house without BOTH babies in tow. he was ecstatic to finally use his new board!
chief drove the way up, serenading his girls with 80's love ballads while we mainly slept. apparently in the exact same position.
we caravanned up with mike & brie & hung out that night in downtown truckee. didn't get one shot with them. :( come to think of it, we didn't get hardly any pictures at all. we rummaged up a deck of cards & played golf all night.
next morning ellery & i slept in & played in the snow while the others went up the mountain to board. i'm not allowed. i'm never allowed. it seems i'm making babies all the time. some kind of perma-baby maker. ridiculous. either way i couldn't go snowboarding OR get in the hot tub apres-ski. whoa is me... :)
we eventually made our way up to northstar village & ate & window shopped & watched a wanna-be pro ice skater on the kiddy rink in white see-through spanx. made me smile.

then we went home. i love love love austin's off fridays. & him too come to think of it.

Monday, March 8


i have been watching my little brother play basketball as long as i can remember. since we've lived in cali (almost 2 yrs now... yikes) austin & i have gone to every one of michael's games that we could. & seriously loved every minute of it! that hodgman cheering section is loud. ellers has been going since she was in-utero & now sits on the bleachers & claps the whole game through (usually for the other team). she loves all the sights & sounds. :)

plus here's a bonus: that brother of mine is a STUD! carries his team & is so much fun to watch!! but he's a senior & the baby of the family: my parents will be empty nesters soon & our high school sports days are essentially over. but i just wanted to tell him thanks. we so enjoyed being a part of it.
#24 forever buddy!

Thursday, March 4


aaammmmaaaaaaazing! surprising & impressive & unique. just... wow.

don't let my rather eloquent review convince you. go... Go... GO to the circus!

only problem is that it made me want to go to every other cirque du soleil show out there. (esp. love & o!)

it also made me a little depressed because the bigger i get the less likely i can finish a pilates class -- or even crack my back for that matter. so riding suspended, 50 feet in the air, on a tight rope on a unicycle on my HEAD or lifting my body by one hand while balancing on a metal pole while my bulging, lean muscles keep the rest of me aligned to completely defy gravity is a little out of my realm of reality.

a little.

thanks babe!

& we find out baby bean's gender on st patrick's day, & i'm insane with curiousity so please oh please vote on the side!!! winners get... to be right!!