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Friday, October 30


i subbed a sunday school class of
17-19 yr old boys a couple months ago.
they liked me.
one of them had a project to finish & called
his fave couples @ church for a sort of newlywed game.
i was stoked we made the cut.
& that they thought we were newlyweds.
we've been married 3 years.
i guess we just still really really like each other.
which is good.
cause we've got a ways to go.

Monday, October 26

papa bear & me

this shot right here epitomizes austin & ellery together. he's rough & tumble & she eats it up.

clearly after her nap.

her favorite seat in the house. a completely ignores her & watches his tv.

it was after her first little goose egg.

chief's front-running fatherhood duty: taking the sleeping babies to bed. i say babies because it quite often includes me...

& this could not possibly capture these 2 any better. i so much as go to the bathroom & return to this: stuff strewn all over my house, ellery grinning from ear to ear, & austin's goofy-shoulders-shrugged-i-know-you-can't-stay-mad smirk. & he's right, dang it.

i just think it's too cute.

Friday, October 23


really. everywhere. LOVING it!

Tuesday, October 20

better than being called ma'am

phone rings.


"hi. is your mommy or daddy home?"


"i am the mommy."

"uh... really?! wow, you sound young!"


Thursday, October 15

finger food

getting so fast at feeding herself.

bursting with pride.

gonna chomp that thumb right off.

what you lookin at?!

happy about her independence.

park citay

i've been putting this off because i have about 400 awesome shots from our trip. i always face that problem when my dad's around...

we shopped, walked around, hot tubbed, ate, played, met up with my older brother jonathan & baby sis steph, went to ruth's chris steakhouse (WOWZA! thanks daddy-o), went to my dad's favorite place in the entire universe: taco time, went on the alpine slides, visited the olympic village, ellers learned how to feed both me & her toy turtle friend, & pet her first puppy. such a fun trip, SO worth the time! it was freezing the whole time we were there & even snowed on us while we were walking around window shopping.

but the highlight of the whole week was ellery bellery getting to meet her great grandparents kelly!!! finally! they really are amazing & it was so much fun to see them with her.

park city is GORGEOUS! we couldn't get enough of all the scenery- i am fully obsessed with fall & utah has such beautiful autumn colors. the farms & churches & barns on the scarecrow path was my favorite.


Sunday, October 11

mysterious mama marathon mania

surprise! we showed up in st george last saturday to welcome renee at the finish line of her first marathon. it was so fun to ambush her! we were the last people she would ever have expected to see. her face was absolutely priceless!

i know, all my idea: best. daughter-in-law. ever.

ellers is so proud of her grandma renee.

that night we got to go to aida (while aust stayed home with the babe, happy to miss a musical)in the most extraordinary outdoor theatre i've ever been to. the play was so impressive, i loved it. we also were able to stay at my grandparents house AND use their car in st g even though they weren't there. so nice of them. thanks g & g kelly!

in st george & on our way to our second locale we got to hang out with great g & g hill, great g & g rosenbaum, & uncle derek & aunt kelli.

it was all a bit hectic but we loved the whole weekend & were so happy to be there to root renee on! yay!

part two coming soon.

Thursday, October 1


no she is not cheering on her best-diaper-changer-ever-awesome-lunch-provider-funniest-comic-of-all-time fabulous mother.

we're working on waving & this is what we get.

a big hurrah for leaving. ouch.

p.s. i cannot stop thinking about our sweet plans for the weekend but i sure can't tell you what they are or you know who will find out & ruin everything. bet you can't wait for my next post now. is the suspense killing you?

popsicle boxes & door stoppers

ellery's into everything lately which is just SO fun! but her tried and true favorite is dinging the door stopper. it's so loud & she squeals every time. haha! my MIL told me it was austin's fave too. awwwww.

the jellybean is totally crawling! sometimes she'll revert to her backwards-scooting days or just relies on rolling but she can still get across any room. i totally thought she'd skip crawling due to her insane hatred for tummy time but here we are. i think crawling babies are my favorite thing ever.